This blog has stemmed from my love to write and my love of talking to people. I hope you enjoy my content here, and if you don’t then that’s fine too.

Basically I’ll just post random anecdotes on this blog, maybe intermixed with videos and pictures, but we’ll see. This is the first time I’ve actually made a blog like this, with no particular niche in mind for it other than to talk about stuff. And you may be (in a slightly creepy way) wondering how old I am. I’m 14, so sorry if that bursts anyone’s bubbles for some reason.

If you’d like to contact me, the best place to do it is probably through the blog’s comments, but if you’d like a more personal means, here’s my e-mail address: sevenmetres@yahoo.com

Oh and don’t ask about the name 7 metres, because I really have no idea why I chose it. It sounded cool, so I picked it. And it’s funny because I live in the US where we don’t usually use the metric system, let alone spell “meters”, “metres”.



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